The Toolbox Kidz show is a 45 minutes program.

This is an interactive show – the kids are up and moving, so smaller audience sizes are helpful. Please plan for some elbow room, as you determine your audience size.

One to four performances can be scheduled during a school day to allow for a more personal experience for your young audience. For additional performance(s) on the same day, add $175 per program and allow for a 15- 20 minutes reset time. 


Small Audience  

One performance: fewer than 100 children

cost $375

  • 2 performances: $550
  • 3 performances: $725    
  • 4 performances: $900

Additional performances must be on the same day. Each show will have fewer than 100 children. Allow for a 15-20 minutes reset time.

Large Audience 

One assembly: 100 to (max of) 250 children

cost $475

  • 2 assemblies: $650
  • 3 assemblies: $825

Additional performances must be on the same day. The maximum number of children per show is 250. Allow for a 15-20 minutes reset time.

One large assembly with over 250 children

cost $595